House Conspiracy offers space for event, showcasing, and private use by the young and emerging artists in Brisbane who need it most.

House Conspiracy Events

Hire our Spaces: Events & Private Use

NOTE: Due to restrictions placed on us by the Council, House Conspiracy is currently unable to host public events.

House Conspiracy is keen to support and provide space to events free and paid, as well as private use by arts and community groups. You can hire out our outdoor area, The Yard, or make use of The Galley, or do something with both.

At House Conspiracy we offer free bookings for workshops, rehearsals and meetings for our members*.

To make sure everyone gets a fair go at the space we only allow groups to make at any one time in total 4 bookings.

Once you use up a booking you're more than welcome to book another time slot. This allows flexibility for the ever-changing House Conspiracy, while also enabling groups to make bookings without indefinitely barring other people from doing so.

At the moment we are taking bookings from now until the 20th of April. Bookings required beyond this date will be considered, though due to the transient nature of the House we can not make any promises until closer in the future.

Private use only involves invited members of your group, collective, or team. This includes:
    •   Rehearsals
    •   Meetings
    •   Project construction
    •   Creative collaboration
    •   Private events for your group, creative business, or organisation
    •   Almost anything else that can fit
    •   Workshops

These lists are non-exhaustive, and we are open to almost anything. House Conspiracy is a place for the experimental and the entertaining and the weird, and we want to see good things happen here.

Note: due to noise concerns from surrounding properties, House Conspiracy is currently only supporting daytime events.

If you want to be a part of making good things happen, even if you don’t have a specific idea you can head over to the volunteer page and let us know how you’d like to help.

House Conspiracy is licensed to sell alcohol at most events.