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House Conspiracy is seeking Artist Patrons who will support artists in making the best work they can during their time in the space.

Become a House Conspiracy Patron


House Conspiracy is empowering artists to create a more diverse and vibrant Brisbane—and we need your help.


To enable our performers, visual artists, writers, and creative practitioners to make their best possible work no matter their own financial situation, House Conspiracy wishes to provide each artist with a rent-free studio and small stipend to cover some expenses associated with creating in the House Conspiracy space.

To make a tax-deductible donation and become a Patron of House Conspiracy is a great way of supporting artists in the local West End and Brisbane emerging arts communities. 

House Conspiracy Patrons

How to become an Artist Patron

       Download and fill out the form below
       Make a tax-deductible donation to House Conspiracy Inc. via the Doug Hall
       Be matched with artists throughout the year who align with your preferences


All our Artist Patrons will be recognised on and at the showcases of the artists you are linked with to support (unless you wish to remain anonymous), as well as featured in the end-of-year publication that will document every House Conspiracy artist’s work undertaken during 2017.

House Conspiracy Patrons

House Conspiracy Patron Ethos

Our Patronage Ethos

Giving artists free access to and use of House Conspiracy isn’t free. For each tax-deductable Artist Patron donation of $500, one artist will be provided for, and you will be recognised as an important part of the House Conspiracy and local arts communities.

Local businesses and organisations operating in Brisbane are also encouraged to become Artist Patrons. For individuals and organisations alike, this is a great way to connect with and show your support for local talent and culture.

If you wish to become a House Conspiracy Artist Patron for one or more artists,
please download and fill out the form below.

If you want to support House Conspiracy in other ways, you can donate smaller amounts or sign up to volunteer.

If you have any questions about our patronage program, or about how you could support House Conspiracy in other ways, please contact